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But the majority of the West is ignoring the protests, even with the Regime’s terror plot of European soil

Lord Maginnis: Support Iran Resistance

by Jazeh Miller Much of the recent NATO summit was focused on Iran, which is unsurprising given the wildly differing viewpoints o...

This makes sense. We’ve spent 40 years waiting for the Regime to end executions and human rights violations

MEK’s plan for human rights in Iran

by Mahmood Hakamian Human rights in Iran are in a critical state, with decades of evidence from international government agencies...


Ahmadinejad Continues His Fight Against the Larijani Brothers

 by Jazeh Miller In three separate and very different cases the Larijani brothers face accusations of illegal activity and corrup...

Iran: Ultimatum Issued ToHead of Judiciary by Former President Ahmadinejad

By INU Staff INU - Issuing an ultimatum, former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has demanded that the head of the Islamic Republic’...


According to the report, the goal of the intelligence agencies of Iran and North Korea is “to circumvent control mechanisms i

Iran Seeks to Obtain WMD, According to German Intel Report

by Poorang Novak In a new document regarding countering of the spread of weapons of mass destruction, published by the German int...

The sanctions will ensure that foreign businesses dealing with the Iranian regime will face consequences for continuing to engage with Iran.

Iran: Nuclear deal talks fail to make progress

By INU Staff INU - In May, U.S. President announced that the United States is exiting the 2015 Iran nuclear deal and that sanctio...

Human rights

The Iranian police accused the detained of “damaging public virtue through the organized spreading of anti-cultural” activities.

Iran arrests 44 people for affiliation with Instagram modelling

by Jazeh Miller The Iranian Regime’s authorities have arrested at least 44 people connected to the so-called Instagram modelling ...

Iranian authorities announced earlier this year, that they had detained 29 women

After Protesting the Hijab Rule, Iranian Woman Escapes Country

by Poorang NovakAccording to Shaparak Shajarizadeh, who says she has left Iran to escape “injustices”, she has been sentenced to t...


Iran: Millions of Women Suffer Illiteracy

By INU Staff INU - Nearly 2 million women across Iran are illiterate, according to Ali Baqirzadeh, the head of the country’s Lite...

Female Employment in Iran Is One of the Worst in the World

By INU Staff INU - The state of women’s employment in Iran is one of the worst in the world, according to a recent report by the ...


Shortly after Donald Trump announced that Saudi Arabia’s King Salman

Iran is losing this oil war

By INU Staff INU - Most wars in the Middle East are either directly or indirectly about oil. Now, we are in the midst of a major ...

The Iranian regime is in a desperate situation

Desperate times for the Iranian regime

By INU Staff INU - The Iranian regime is in a desperate situation and it is taking desperate measures. At the end of last year, n...


The remaining sanctions, targeting Iran’s energy sector and central bank

The US will punish companies that don't comply with Iran sanctions

By INU Staff INU  The Trump administration will punish foreign companies that fail to comply with sanctions on Iran that are set ...

He said: “This president does not intend to turn his back on freedom fighters.”

Rudy Giuliani: US sanctions will spur Regime change in Iran

By INU Staff INU - The Donald Trump administration’s tough sanctions on the Iranian Regime will be a key factor in toppling the “...

Middle East

The Coalition has foiled many missiles attacks by the Houthis on Saudi Arabia and liberated areas of Yemen,

UAE intercepts Iran-backed Houthi missile

by Poorang Novak The United Arab Emirates’ Armed Forces have intercepted a ballistic missile that the Iran-backed Houthis in Yeme...

There has already been plenty of success when it comes to US allies in the Middle East targeting Iranian proxies

the Iranian Regime contains no moderates

By INU Staff INU - Few Americans are keen to see the US entangle itself in another costly war in the Middle East, which is why in...


The Iranian diaspora began when people were stranded outside of Iran during the Islamic revolution

The Iranian Regime Desperately Attempts to Halt Dissident Groups Outside the Cou…

By INU Staff INU - The dissidence of the exiled and expatriate Iranians living around the world raises the ire of Iran’s regime. ...

Rajavi's assassination required enormous resources, extensive planning,

Iran: Political assassinations over the decades

By INU Staff INU - Earlier this month, two Iranian suspects and an Iranian diplomat were arrested for their participation in the ...

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