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Signs of a Split in Western Policies toward Iran

On Wednesday, CNN reported that Secretary of State John Kerry had reaffirmed the White House’s interest in cooperating with Iranian forces in the war against the Islamic State, particularly in Iraq. Although the Iranians have repeatedly said that collaboration with the “Great Satan” is off the table, Kerry and other Obama administration officials have insisted that Iran’s role in the war is generally positive, even if Iran and the US do not deliberately share a strategy.


Iran May Be Running Out of Time to Attract Foreign Investment

By INU Staff
INU - On Monday, Reuters issued a new report on the recent appointment of Ali Kardor as the head of the National Iranian Oil Company. The move to install Kardor in place of Rokneddin Javadi, who had served in the post since 2013, has been described as a “shake-up” of the Iranian oil industry. Kardor is reportedly a close ally of Oil Minister Bijan Zanganeh and the Rouhani administration in general, and his occupancy of the lead post in NIOC could help them to overcome hardline opposition as the country looks forward to the prospects of foreign investment and expanded relations between the Iranian oil industry and European markets.


Difficulties Refitting the Iranian Air Force Stem from Greater Commitment to IRGC

By INU Staff
INU - On Monday, the Daily Beast published an article examining the future prospects for the Iranian air force. It argues that the potential exists for that air force to rival those of Iran’s adversaries in the Western world, but that in reality this is unlikely to happen. The article finds that there are certainly militaristic elements of the Iranian power structure that have turned their eyes toward new airborne military technologies now that most of the sanctions against Iran have been lifted. But it also finds that those elements will be constrained by the “bewildering internal politics” of the Islamic Republic.



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